Useful Advice for finding a job

How to look for a job

The first stage is to send your CV to recruiters and employment agencies.
These companies have an extensive reservoir of job opportunities in every field.
For this reason, it is safe to assume that the larger the number of agencies that receive your CV, the quicker you will find work - exerting as little personal effort as possible.
Employment agencies do not charge the job seeker and therefore it is worthwhile to let them do the job search for you.
This site offers a free-of-charge service which distributes your CV to a large number of employment agencies (once your CV has been distributed you will receive by return e-mail a list of all the employment companies which received your CV).

Click here to distribute your CV to Recruiters and Employment Agencies

The second stage in finding a job is sending your CV to companies where you are interested in working.
In order to do this, you could use a company directory such as the Yellow Pages, Dun & Bradstreet or an internet site that specializes in company information.
Your CV can be sent as a regular letter, fax, or e-mail - for which the preference is e-mail, since this is the cheapest way and your CV will be transferred directly to the personnel department.
Likewise, sending your CV by e-mail shows that you know how to use a computer.

Recommended sites for finding company details

The third and very important stage is personal contacts.
Surveys have shown that a large percentage of employees found their jobs by using personal contacts.
Ask those around you about available positions in their companies.
Let people know that you are looking for work.

The fourth stage is looking for specific jobs.
This search can be done in a number of ways:

1. Situations Vacant adverts in newspapers

2. Internet sites that have Situations Vacant adverts

Recommended internet sites for job seeking

3. Searching in professional organizations - if you are looking for a specific field, you can turn to your professional organization. It is safe to assume that these organizations have a notice-board with job offers.
Internet sites of professional organizations

4. Contacting the secretary of the specific faculty in your local university - in most universities there is a notice-board with relevant job offers.

5. Go to your local employment office.
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